Aim & Objective of BGWTF

Development of Bangladesh's Washing Sector through the introduction of new innovative meditation concepts in the garment industry

To make the washing technicians useful and timely, through daily new ideas and training. Establish the relationship between the worker and workers for the development of the washing sector.

If a member of the BGWTF is unemployed, then assist in his employment on the basis of merit.

To reduce the waste of electricity, gas, water and chemicals used in industrial factories from their respective places and to prevent environmental pollution and to work for the protection of the environment.

To improve the condition of all members of the organization and to protect the interest and to establish law-abiding rights.

To make the members of the organization responsible, aware and careful fo their profession.

BGWTF will be launching a private Washing Institute of Technology, which will be able to get employment in the country as well as abroad, through educated unemployed youth.

To publish annual magazines for organizing the organization's information through various news articles. In order to present modern technology designs, colors, wash-cuts and washing and new development of dyeing, various information will be presented.

BGWTF has own website, e-mail and social site account.

The special days will be celebrated on 21st February-International Mother Language Day, 26th March-Independent Day, 1st May-May Day, 14th April-Bangla New Year, 16th December- Victory Day, with due respect. To achieve the goal and objectives of this organization, one day's attendance honors should be paid to every member of the same organization in the country and abroad for the purpose of development.

In line with the integrity of society, industry, country and nationality the BGWTF will continue.

The objective of the association and the organization of income and property will not be transferred to the person or organization of any person directly or indirectly and any part of the income or property, and business profit or property income or property run by the organization. Occupy enjoyment will not be used for any member or officer's own interests.

In order to change the constitution of the organization, the provisions of the Trade Organization Ordinance Regulations in Bangladesh will apply exclusively and in accordance with the organization's actions, the rules will be formulated.

If the organization breaks down, after liablity the surplus of the fund and the property will be spent for any equivalent organization or association or charity organization without spent for any member, according to the law.