Founder Speech

On this grand occasion of AGM & Annual Get Together-2022, Bangladesh Garments Washing Technologist (BGWTF), I congratulate all the current and past committee members. Textile sector the driving force textile sector which is contributing 84% of total foreign income, where are garments washing industry is one of the important parts. In garments washing industries the washing technologist are working with their skill and talent to develop the industry. We are passing very challenging time due to COVID-19 worldwide. We all have to work more proactively to compete with the competitive market. Textile professionals are the key persons who can play a vital role for economic development. For this we all have to work unitedly for the sustainable development. For this we are here in a common platform to work more closely with the garments washing technologists for their betterment. As BGWTF was founded 12 years back we have a long history how we contributed for the economic developments of Bangladesh. At the same time we are working as supporting hand of garments washing technologists. We all committee members are committed to work unitedly for the interest of our members. We have a very young and promising leaders in our committee, hope they will contribute more based on their expertise. I thank all the distinguished guests for their cooperation.